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Our website is designed to expose you to one of the most lethal Football Offenses in Today’s game. The Air Raid was developed by Coach Hal Mumme from his extensive studies of the West Coast Offenses of Bill Walsh (San Fransisco 49ers) and LaVell Edwards (BYU). When Coach Mumme teamed up with Coach Mike Leach at Iowa Wesleyan they added tempo, wide splits, and playing fast as the hallmarks of what Coach Leach would coin the “Air Raid Offense”.  Feel free to checkout our YouTube Content, CoachTube Online Courses, Merchandise, Live Online Clinic Offerings, and Patreon/53.3 Academy members areas.  Our express purpose is to promote the Air Raid Offense and share the knowledge that we have gained over the past dozen years of travel, study, clinics, and networking.  Hopefully you’ll like the content, be able to adapt it to your program, and #SPINIT2WIN!