Want to learn a proven high school Air Raid System in Person or via Zoom Clinic?  92 Mesh Group is now offering our “Air Raid Consulting Service”.  Each Year we will do in person or Zoom Clinics (1-Day or Multiple Day) consulting clinics and teach you and your staff the system from the ground up.  Our Consulting Services are available from December through mid-July each year.  We will come to you, or you can come to us if you prefer in person.  We also offer Zoom Clinics.  To discuss pricing and availabilities use the contact button below.

Topics covered in our clinics:

  •  General Philosophy & Personnel
  • Formations, Motions, & Shifts
  • Pass Protection
  • Run Game: (Gap & Zone Concepts)
  • Basic RPO’s
  • Screen Game (Fast, Bubble, Surge, RB Screen, Shallow Screen)
  • Quick Game (Stick, Corner, Slant, Flat)
  • Drop Back Game (Mesh, Shallow, Y-Cross, 6, Choice)
  • Signaling the Offense
  • Playing with Pace (One-word call system)
  • Attacking Coverages